New Energy vehicle Charging cable (EV)
has high temperature resistance, flame-retardant, good oil resistance, wear-resistant, high mechanical strength, high softness and flexibility, easy to install.

new energy
charging cable
Committed to providing the community with safe, energy-saving, environmentally friendly wire and cable products and services
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Shanghai XLPE Cable Co., Ltd.

Quality achievements in the future

High quality raw materials at home and abroad, strong strength, tearing resistance.
In strict accordance with national standards and enterprise new production, further enhance the service life.
All our materials are environmentally friendly.
Tailored to different installation environments for different customer groups
Before leaving the factory will carry out strict cable testing to ensure that products are safely delivered to the hands of customers.
Advanced production equipment, professional technical operation staff to protect our fastest 5-7 working days shipping.
We are committed to: a year within the package returned (properly and reasonably installed)
Success Stories
People-oriented, humane management, performance savings, reduce costs, against waste; Standard system, strict implementation, do not recognize the company's system is not recognized by the company
Create maximum value for customers and create maximum social value for country
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Shanghai XLPE Cable Co., Ltd.

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